CISC Classrooms E-Learning Platform

With the threat of the Coronavirus happening around the world, the school wants parents to know that our staff has been putting plans in place to continue to educate children even if the school is closed down.

We are already on track to implement an e-learning plan in order to meet any needs that may arise basing on our current situation.

In the event of a prolonged school closure, we will change from our current classroom setup to a virtual classroom setup using videos, chat messaging and interactive lesson presentations.
Please check and use our own CISC classroom –

In a virtual learning environment, students will need to take the responsibility for their work and engagement. While set “class times” will not be held, the teachers will regularly be sending learning activities and assignments and collecting those as evidence of your child’s work during the time period.

Action plans from our school are in place to facilitate our e-learning setup:
1. Weekly study guides will be provided each week for all our students. Hardcopies can be picked up in our front desk area by the parents to collect and then return the completed work the following week.
2. Alternatively, for parents who will not be able to collect the study guides from our school, they can print and access them via our CISC Classroom page –
3. We will be uploading the weekly lessons, drills and activities in our CISC Classroom page – OUR FIRST E-LEARNING LESSON WILL START ON MONDAY MARCH 23, 2020.

It will take the support and flexibility of everyone involved to make this process successful. We will continue to provide the best kind of education to our students even in the event of situations like this. As such, we would require the assistance of all our parents for the following:

1. Collecting the study guides / downloading and printing them each week and returning them the following week.
2. Monitoring your children’s home learning by assisting them and providing them with the appropriate guidance at home and access to available technology.

For any urgent questions and concerns, you may reach us thru telegram or our school contact details below:
Mobile: 016 499 599 / 012 875 222
Address: Aeon Mall 1, Lot. P4001 (4th Flr.) # 132 Samdach Sothearos Blvd (3), Phnom Penh