Moving-Up Ceremony and Recognition Rites 2018

Primary School Graduation: Forming Future Leaders
To Celebrate this Saturday, 2nd June 2018

After six years of international primary education at Cambridge International School of Cambodia (CISC), the students will be awarded graduation and recognition certificates. The ceremony will be celebrated on 2nd June 2018 from 2:00pm to 4:30pm at Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC), IFL/RUPP Campus, Phnom Penh. Approximately 150 participants including 8 graduates are expected to attend.

On the stage, children will show their trilingual abilities through songs, dances and speeches. A summary of the 6-year academic programmes of UK-based International Primary Curriculum (IPC), Cambodian curriculum of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) and Chinese Odonata Class will be presented by a student.

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“I am so happy that I am finally graduating. I also want to say thank you to my teachers and to the school for teaching me how to be resilient, mindful, and most especially being respectful. Of course, I love every moment I have spent studying at Cambridge International School”, said Socheata, a graduate.

Ms. Lilet, CISC Principal, says “Another successful academic year has ended, and it’s time for us to reap the fruits of our labour. I have seen how hard our teaching force has worked, how our students have tried their best, and how parents have painstakingly supported their children to get to this point. Rightfully, we deserve what we have achieved. Congratulations to all of us! ”

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About IPC

International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is based in the UK and globally recognised. It is a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum, with a clear process of learning and specific learning goals for every subject. Subject goals cover the knowledge, skills and understanding of children relating to the subjects they are learning. There are subject learning goals for Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, ICT & Computing, Technology, History, Geography, Music, Physical Education, Art and Society. It also develops international mindedness and encourages personal learning to balance good education.